Lunch meals

Pure vegetarian.
Served Monday - Friday.


Just like your home.

You’ll love

The containers that you’ll eat in. No repetition
Diverse preparation style.

Why eat with us

  • The quality goes in before your lunch goes out

    We ensure each of our meal for you , is made with high quality ingredients that we pick ourselves. Believing in a no compromise, we use the best cooking medium that are heart friendly and buy fresh vegetables every day from the farms ensuring quality and freshness enhancing the taste. keeping us in synch with our practice of no compromise giving you good quality.

  • Enough is enough

    With the corporate and sedentary lifestyle taking over and most of today’s work done with a few clicks, leaving no time for physical exercise or stimuli – man’s life has become a laptops that need constant charging to keep running . So does the body, we provide you with the lunch meal, made non oily and healthy that ensures your body with the right amount of energy keeping you active to boost your productivity through the day not making you lazy.

  • No rules. Just right.

    Simple things make life beautiful, simple food keeps you healthy. We believe in giving you simple food that is cooked like mom’s made lunch with just the right amount of spices giving the right taste for your palette and appetite.

  • Full of surprises

    Variety is the spice of life and surprises are always exciting. Believing in giving surprises and breaking the monotony. We neither repeat any preparation throughout the month nor present you with a pre-planned menu. We make you wait for your lunch, arriving in diverse preparations brought to you in different styles, making you want to wait for a sumptuous surprise each day. We create the feeling in you that you ‘want’ to eat, and not that you ‘have’ to eat.

  • Homely & Nutritious

    With a promise given to ourselves to provide you with the best food that not just gives you the nutrition but also a feeling of homemade food with ‘mother’s’ affection. We give you exactly what we ourselves eat and give to our loved ones. All our preparations are not under the guidance of professional culinary experts or chefs, but home makers who ensure the entire process to be done under their supervision.

  • Respect yourself - You are what you eat

    Each to his own. Every man /woman is his/ her own boss. You receive from life what you want as others will treat you as you treat yourself. If you decide to give yourself the best, in return life provides you with the best by enabling you to receive the best from life. So, if you want to eat the best, the universe enables us to provide you with the best food, that’s best in quality, hygiene, nutritious, gives you the taste and feel of home made food , variety yet value for money and the opportunity for us to serve you at our best!!

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