Having felt the challenges of living sporadic lives not belonging to a single state or city. Tiffin Mantra is a humble attempt to fulfill the need of eating right, in your day to day life. With culture that envelopes each of us, giving us the distinct identity, especially dominating our food habits a change in our habitat serves as a challenge.

Why we do what we do?

Having faced hurdles of forced unhealthy living and eating due to nomadic living, corporate lifestyles and sedentary working patterns. To combat the challenges and pursue and promote right eating, healthy eating and healthy living , the brainchild behind Tiffin Mantra, the perfect combination of him being a software entrepreneur and she the home maker, gave birth to the humble attempt called, ‘Tiffin Mantra’ a lunch meal service that invites you to join in with the practice of eating right, eating healthy not through us, but with us.
We wish you Love and good health.

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